Defender offers a full-service firearms training program. We cater to students with zero experience up to advanced firearms courses. We provide a wide range of training options, including CWP (concealed weapon permit) classes, Learn to Shoot, Gun Cleaning and Familiarization, Defensive Shooting, Business Defense, Active Shooter Training, Marksmanship Training, and Youth Gun Safety Courses. With all the danger that surrounds us, we aim to serve the community by giving them training on how to protect themselves and their family. If you believe that you, your family, or your business require our assistance, please contact us. We are always glad to give our best service to you. Train today and be prepared for tomorrow. Join the best CWP class in Columbia, South Carolina. Train with Defender now!



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CWP CLASS (use YOUR firearm & ammo)

The highly rated CWP class in Columbia, South Carolina. Take our online CWP class in the comfort of your home. Every Tuesday or Thursday from 6:00PM to 9:00PM

CWP CLASS (use OUR firearm & ammo)

Training includes the use of Firearms, Ammo, in Range Qualification. CWP Class (Tue or Thu). Range Qualification (Fri)

CWP CLASS for Active Military/Veterans

Active military and veterans only need to take the class portion and are already exempt from taking the range qualification.

CWP Class + Learn to Shoot Bundle

BEST SELLING CLASS! From Zero to Hero. Save more with this course.​

Starts at $75
Private Coaching

Take your training at your convenient time. Available from 1 session up to 4 sessions. 

Starts at $89
Marksmanship Training

Sharpen your gun skills with our marksmanship training. Marksmanship is available from 1 session up to 4 sessions.

Kola D George
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Super solid training. Everyone needs to learn these things. Elias was personable and engaging. 5/5 would recommend
Kyle Thames
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If you're looking for a very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional trainer this is definitely the place to go! Very well kept and elite performance! I will be doing all of my business here. Eli is very patient and understanding. ALWAYS SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS!
Jyzonna Smith
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Great class, he was very informative and entertaining. The online course was very convenient for me and my schedule. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s needs their cwp.
Jalasha Glenn
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I am a first time gun owner and all new to firearms. I researched a couple cwp training classes and decided to go with defender firearms & training with Eli. I noticed he has an overall 5 stars across the board, so I wanted to give it a try. I must say, this was a great well worth decision I've made.
Teaerra Walker
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The class was great and we learned a lot about CWP. Eli was straight forward and made sure we understood everything correctly. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in obtaining their CWP.
Alisha Williams
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Eli was amazing. Initially, felt uncomfortable with my weapon, but he was so patient, he was able to put me at ease and I aced the class. If you want an amazing instructor who loves to teach...go see him. You won't regret it
Amanda Lawson-Hugglns
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Mr. Lykes was awesome. We love his store and love his personality. He is very thorough. My husband and I had minimum experience with firearms, and he walked us both through very carefully and was very patient with us! He took his time with us on a very short notice, and was willing to work us in and teach us what we needed to know.
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Consider this your sign to go attend a CWP class. Eli was a wonderful instructor and made the class fun. I can’t wait for the rest of my family to go!
Paul Almond
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My wife and I enjoyed our experience with Elias and staff. He text time with you make sure you’re understand the rules and regulations would recommend him in a heartbeat
Kodie Chapman
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I would highly recommend Defender Firearms & Training to anyone that is interested in obtaining their CWP. Eli is a great instructor and made the entire process simple and understanding.


Residents, non-residents who own property in the state, and service members stationed in South Carolina all receive CWPs. An 8-hour state-approved firearms training course is required for concealed carry permits. A CWP must be obtained by applicants who are at least 21 years old.

Step 1

Register and complete a Defender Firearms & Training CWP class and the proper application will be provided during the process.

Step 2

New CWP applicants have two options for submitting their applications: either on paper by downloading and filling out an application form, or online by using the IdentoGo registration system. For the time being, SLED will continue to process any applications filed via mail or through online IdentoGo appointments.

Candidates start the application online and schedule an appointment at an available IdentoGo site to use the online system. Your CWP application documentation and your fingerprints can be submitted to SLED electronically through the IdentoGo portal.

Step 3


  • A photocopy of your state ID card or driver’s license;
  • A copy of the alien card issued by the Department of Homeland Security is required of resident immigrants;
  • DD214 copies or military orders must be submitted by applicants;
  • Retired law enforcement officers are required to produce documentation of their pensions and retirement benefits;
  • R168, the real estate tax application form for non-residents;
  • Documentation of a firearms safety course completed within three years or proof of an exemption (such as a DD214 for candidates who are retired or former military or military orders for active-duty applicants);
  • You and your firearms instructor must sign the application;
  • SLED CWP Student and Instructor Checklist; and
  • 2 full fingerprint cards.

Step 4

For those with paper application, mail it to

CWP Application,
SLED Data Center,
P.O. Box 21398,
Columbia, SC 29221-1398

Step 5

Wait for the notification if your application is approved.



Yes, both military members stationed in South Carolina and non-residents who own property there are eligible.

Any signs that state “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” must be placed at each entry to a structure where it is forbidden for someone with a concealable weapon permit to carry a weapon, whether visible or not.

No, South Carolina does not have a requirement to register your firearms.