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Yes. The ONE DAY CWP Class is intended to teach the trainee how to carry a concealed weapon legally in the state of SC. Trainees with little or no experience need to be competent in the safe handling of a firearm BEFORE taking the class. Learn to Shoot and Private Coaching classes are available for an additional fee. The material covered is identical. The one-day CWP class is NOT appropriate for first-time shooters.

Qualification is NOT only about hitting the target but also about SAFE WEAPON HANDLING. Each trainee will be assigned a lane from which to shoot 25 rounds. The trainee will be alone in the lane, though supervised by instructor(s), the whole time. The trainee MUST BE ABLE TO load 5 rounds, fire 5 rounds, unload weapon, and reload 5 rounds and fire WITHOUT ASSISTANCE. If using a semi-auto, must be able to load magazine, remove magazine, operate slide. If using a revolver, must be able to open cylinder, load 5 rounds (regardless of capacity), fire, and unload cartridges, and reload. If practicing this at home, use dummy ammo or snap caps. Do not practice with live ammunition!

No. You do not have to qualify with the weapon you plan to carry. Firearm rentals are available for your use in qualifying or you may use the firearm of a family member or friend. We recommend that new shooters complete the class BEFORE purchasing a firearm because you will be a much more informed consumer and have a better idea of what YOU want, not what the store wants to SELL you.

5 years. May renew online with a credit/debit card within 90 days of expiration. https://www.sled.state.sc.us

SC law defines a concealable weapon as having an overall length less than 12”. A CWP holder may carry the weapon of his/her choice within those guidelines.

SC Law requires that civilian (not former military) CWP applicants receive instruction provided by a SLED approved instructor. CWP applicants must pass a written exam (50 questions, multiple choice) as well as an approved course of fire with a minimum of 70% score. The course of fire is a minimum of 25 rounds fired from 3 to 12 yards. 70% = 18/25

Your class fee includes approximately 6 hours of instruction which must cover, by law, the following topics: (a) statutory and case law of SC relating to handguns and use of deadly force; (b) handgun use and safety; (c) proper storage practices for handguns that reduce possibility of accidental injury to children; and (d) actual firing of the handgun in the presence of the instructor. The fee also includes paperwork, ear/eye protection, range time, target, and loaner holster.

25 rounds of ammunition (FMJ target ammo – no magnum loads) for the qualification. Trainees must bring their own ammunition if using their own firearm.

SC Driver’s License.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SC Driver’s License: If you live here but have not yet made SC your “official” residence, go to the DMV and get your SC DL.

You MUST have an SC DL to apply for a RESIDENT CWP. SC property owners who live out of state may qualify for a non-resident CWP.

Please check with SLED. http://www.sled.sc.gov Must complete SLED form R-168 Just moved here, about to move. PLEASE make sure that your SC DL address and ALL addresses for CWP paperwork must MATCH. You may take the class and get your SCDL after the class however, the documents you send to SLED must match. Once you have your CWP, if you move, the law requires you notify SLED within 10 days and it will cost $5 to get a new CWP card. You have an SC ID card but not a Driver’s License – SC Code of Laws Sect 23-31-215 states that CWP applicants must provide “(4) Proof of actual or corrected vision rated at 20/40 within 6 months of the date of application.” You may go to SC DMV to have your vision checked for the purposes of your CWP application. Bring the form with you to class – you will have to send it with your application. Aliens/Non-US Citizens: A resident alien must provide a copy of his/her alien card from the Dept. of Homeland Security and must also provide documentation (utility bill, lease, etc.) supporting SC residency for at least the last 90 days.

There is an appeal process that must be followed. The letter that SLED sends denying the application will contain the instructions that you should follow. THERE ARE TIME LIMITS – be sure that you act quickly.

If you have questions or concerns about your ability to withstand an intensive criminal records check, please contact SLED at 803-896-7015

SLED takes AT LEAST 90 days, from the day that SLED receives the application, to process applications. You may NOT carry a concealable weapon concealed UNTIL YOU ARE IN POSSESSION of your CWP. SLED MUST notify applicants within 90 days if the applicants permit is DENIED. If you have not heard from SLED within the 90-day time frame, rest assured as your permit is likely in the works.

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