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3for3 Zero-to-Hero Training Bundle






Bundle classes are progressive training and should be taken in order. (CWP – Marksmanship training – Defensive Shooting) Use the calendar for the first class only (CWP). The schedule for marksmanship training and defensive shooting will be discussed upon the completion of the first class. 

CWP Online Class – Tuesday or Thursday

Marksmanship Training – for Scheduling

Defensive Shooting – for Scheduling


CWP Online Class + Range Qualification

●Handgun use and safety.
●Statutory and case law of SC relating to handguns and use of deadly force.
●Proper storage practices of handguns to reduce the possibility of accidental injury to children.

●Firearm & Ammunition.
●Hearing/Eye protection & Holster.
●Range time.

Marksmanship Training

Marksmanship Training is designed to enhance the students’ accuracy and ability to hit pinpoint targets at various distances. This skill is essential in an imminent danger situation and also very helpful for competitive shooting sports.

Defensive Shooting 

This course is designed for shooters with firearms experience and a CWP. This class aims to teach and practice drawing from concealment and target acquisition and to simulate, as much and as safely as possible, an actual situation where one’s life is in danger.

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